Czech technical university in Prague, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering,

Department of Energy Engineering

kindly invite you to the

14th International Conference for Young Researchers and Ph.D. students

ERIN 2020

24th - 26th of November 2020

Hotel Monínec - Sedlec, Czech Republic

(The original date of April 21-23, 2020 has been postponed due to Coronavirus outbreak.)

Erin Conference is an excellent opportunity for presentation of results of doctoral and scientific research and transfer of knowledge and information in the following areas:

Production and Material Engineering

  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Applied Modelling, Virtual Engineering
  • Design, Manufacturing and Management of Machine Elements, Equipment and Systems
  • Material Engineering
  • Machining
  • Other Production Technologies
  • Smart Structures

Energy and Process Engineering Technology

  • Air Pollution Control
  • Biorefinery
  • Carbon Capture and Storage/Utilization
  • Economy, Calculating Methods, Modelling
  • Electricity Generation and Storage
  • Energy Conversions of Fuels
  • Fuel Treatment
  • Renewable Energy Sources
  • Waste-to-Energy
  • Waste Utilization


Conference Topics

1. Innovation Technology and Material Engineering

  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Smart Structures
  • Technologies
  • CAD/CAM Systems
  • Applied Modelling, Industrial Design and Virtual Engineering
  • Micro and Nano Technologies
  • Material Engineering
  • Smart Materials

2. Production Engineering

  • Machine Tools
  • Design, Manufacturing and Management of Machine Elements, Equipment and Systems
  • Tools and Fixtures
  • Machines and Equipment for Machining, Forming, and Welding
  • Controlling and Manufacturing Structures
  • Fluid Systems
  • Management and Monitoring of Manufacturing Processes

3. Power Engineering and Energy Sources 

  • Energy Conversions of Fuels (Combustion, Gasification, Pyrolysis)
  • Machines and Boilers
  • Nuclear Technologies
  • Renewable Energy Sources
  • Economy, Calculation Methods, Modeling

4. Automation, Regulation, Metrology, Mechanics

  • Automation
  • Regulation
  • Control
  • Mechanics, Mechatronics and Robotics
  • Metrology
  • Quality Engineering and Management

5. Vehicles and Automotive Production

6. Environmental Protection

  • Environmental Technologies
  • Recycling
  • Waste Treatment and Utilization
  • Clean Technologies
  • Ecology
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Air Pollution and Climate Change
  • Environmental Economics

7. Multidisciplinary and Complementary Topics

  • Information and Communication Technologies
  • Mathematics
  • Informatics
  • Electronics
  • Biotechnology
  • Management
  • Economical Aspect of Construction of Technological Equipment and Systems
  • Ergonomics
  • Safety and Health at Work
  • Architecture
  • Green Buildings Technology and Materials
  • Chemistry
  • Civil Engineering
  • Academic Education


The working language of the conference is English, Slovak and Czech languages can be also used in minor cases. All scientific papers will be published in scientific journals and will be further reviewed for these purposes. Authors who wish to publish their papers in journals should write the papers in English.

Scientific papers will be recommended for publication in some of the following Journals and will be further reviewed for these purposes.

ERIN Journal
Journal of Mechanical and Energy Engineering
Journal of Mechanical Engineering
COMMUNICATIONS - Scientific letters of the University of Zilina


Obligatory for contributions publishing in journals are online registration, fee payment before the settled deadline and contribution in English.




ERIN was founded as a platform for publishing of work of young researchers and PhD students who may present their research results in a community of their peers.

ERIN provides a space where everyone is free to get acquainted with state-of-the-art knowledge and information in their fields of interests. Most of all, ERIN is a unique occasion for young researchers to get familiar with the process of paper creation and its professional presentation in English, Slovak or Czech language.

ERIN is organized by a group of young and experienced researchers and PhD students from hosting universities.

ERIN cooperates with editors of professional research journals (Acta Polytechnica, The Holistic Approach to Environment, Manufacturing Engineering, Communications - Scientific letters of the University of Zilina, Wasteforum, ERIN journal, etc.) which frequently publish selected papers from the conference.

Hotel Monínec, Monínec 7, Sedlec-Prčice